The Breakup to Breakthrough Program

The Breakup To Breakthrough Coaching Program is designed specifically to provide support and guidance to anyone who is now experiencing/or has ever experienced a difficult breakup that you can’t seem to heal or move on from.

This 12-week strategic and transformative experience with Coach Kim will help you:

  • Process and heal from residual hurts and heartache
  • Rebuild your self-esteem/confidence
  • Take consistent and powerful action toward lasting happiness

When your heart feels broken, healing is far from linear, and your path will be unique. Coaching is a powerful tool for breakup recovery, because it allows you to sense into and determine what you need now and what to do next, with your coach there every step of the way to help you excavate the deeper truths you seek to ensure you don’t repeat negative cycles in future relationships.

The following 12 themes will give you a general idea of the various points on the Breakup To Breakthrough Coaching path that help generate the most profound progress. But they aren’t in any particular order, and sometimes we’ll need to spend more time on one, and less time on others, depending on your specific needs:

  • Telling Your Story
  • Feeling Your Feelings
  • Closing the Chapter
  • Taking Ownership
  • (Re)Defining Worthiness
  • Healing as a Practice
  • Mining Your Truth
  • Mapping Desire
  • Drafting the Plan
  • Taking Consistent Action
  • Retrograde
  • Modifying Proactively

Incredibly wise, conscious, awakened, intelligent, self-aware, mature, resilient, and wildly successful people get just as crushed from breakups as anyone else, but those of us who have done any amount of inner work have one amazing advantage:

We don’t hesitate to invest in the support we need to maximize our healing and improve our lives.

This program is the result of hundreds of hours of study, training, and real-life experience I have packaged into a strategic healing system that is fully customizable to address your one-of-a-kind needs. And just like there is only one you, there is also only one me. If you desire a deeply present, relatable, compassionate, and no-nonsense Coach who will not let you get away with moving forward with less than you deserve, a Coach who couples deep unconditional love for you with unwavering no-bullshit accountability, I’m here and ready to partner with you down this proven healing pathway.

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